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It's All About the Ribbons!!

Ribbons are much like fabrics in the way in which they are designed. Colors and textures are selected based upon seasons, fashion trends and intended uses.

Today's ribbons can be made from all kinds of fabrics - in everything from velvet, satin, moiré, grosgrain, tartan plaid, and cotton to synthetics that include acetate, nylon, polyester, and rayon. They can be woven or non-woven, sheer, plaid, printed and patterned, embossed, and decorated with glitter and sequins. Ribbons can have metallic and matching fabric wired edges, monofilament edges or simple cut edge finishes. And don't forget endless color possibilities!!

We Have an incredible assortment of unique ribbons for you to choose from, we have listed some of our most popular styles and their uses. Our company hopes this guide will be helpful in your search for the perfect ribbon. If you have any other questions please feel free Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!

Sheer Ribbons - Nylon Woven Fabric

Sheer Ribbons

Are made from very light weight nylon woven fabric. Sheer Ribbons include Organza, Organdy or Chiffon. Especially suited for wedding stationary & favors; as well as for packages, gift baskets and bows. It ties easily and many Sheer Ribbons can have monofilament edges or wired-edges which help the ribbon maintain its shape.

Acetate Satin Ribbons

Satin Ribbons

This ribbon has a very shiny, smooth finish. Satin Ribbons can be single-faced, which is shiny on one side or double-faced, which is shiny on both sides. Satin ribbons give your designs an elegant finish.

Acetate Satin Ribbons

From soft pastels to bold vibrant hues and a stiff finish makes Acetate Satin Ribbons a Florist and Crafter's favorite. Acetate Satin Ribbons are perfect for bows, floral arrangements and packaging.

Velvet, Christmas Bows, Wired Edge
Velvet Ribbons

Luxurious ribbon that has a soft side with a beautiful sheen. Velvet Ribbons are full of body and is available in deep rich colors as well as soft hues of white and ivory that have become very popular for winter weddings. Velvet Ribbons with wired or scalloped edges is a perfect way to create that "Wow!" effect during the Christmas or holiday season when you use it decorate wreaths, mantles, trees & stairway garland. Combine two Velvet Ribbon bows and create a magnificent tree topper.

Tartan Plaid Ribbons

Tartan Plaid RibbonThis is a classic plaid consists of cross-crossed horizontal and vertical stripes in multiple colors. Tartan Plaid Ribbons has a distinctive checked pattern which is closely associated with Scotland and Ireland. Tartan Plaid Ribbons have been loved for generations because of the traditional and elegant look it brings to your home during the holiday season. An eye-catching bow with this ribbon will create a glorious focal point to any holiday wreath!

Iridescent & Metallic Ribbons

Ribbons that have a pearl-like finish that reveal color changes in the light are called Iridescent Ribbons. Generally, Iridescent Ribbons are sheer and a spring-time favorite. Metallic Ribbons come in all shapes and sizes, everything from thin trim to wider wired edge. Metallic Ribbons are an ideal way to put a sizzle into any craft or decorating project.

Lamé Ribbons

A light weight metallic ribbon. Lamé Ribbons are available in an array of shimmering metallic colors. Vibrant Lamé Ribbons with wired edges are great for shaping and perfect for your floral and decorating needs.

Moiré Ribbons

Best known for its shimmering watermark finish and is commonly made from taffeta or a satin-like fabric. Moiré Ribbons have a classic simplicity that is perfect for bridal bouquets and bows for that extra special occasion.

Grosgrain and Bengaline Ribbons

Grosgrain Ribbons are made from closely woven rayon or polyester fabric, with narrow horizontal ribs. Bengaline Ribbons are made from fabric having a crosswise ribbed effect usually made of silk, wool or synthetic fibers. Bengaline Ribbons are craft ribbons and have the same ridges as Grosgrain Ribbons. Both of these are durable, yet ideal for hair bows, garment trims, scrapbooking and tying gifts.

Tulle Netting, Nylon Ribbons

Tulle Ribbons

A fine netting of nylon ribbon. Tulle Ribbons can be used to decorate chair backs, pews, and floral displays. Tulle Ribbons can be made into bows and used in bridal bouquets.

Corsage Ribbons - Sheer

Corsage Ribbons

A floral designer's favorite made mostly from satin or sheer organza. Corsage Ribbons enhance any corsage or flower bouquet. Usually non-wired but the accompanying border gives quite a bit of body for bow tying and side draping.

Novelty Ribbons, Holiday

Novelty Ribbons

These types of ribbons cover a broad spectrum of ribbon design. Novelty Ribbons include Metallic Trims, Jacquard and Brocade Weaves, Braiding and Cording which add elegance to any project. Novelty Ribbons can also include: Whimsical Themes, Printed Ribbon and ribbon celebrating memorable moments.

Ombre Ribbon, Bow, Irredescent

Ombre Ribbons

This ribbon has a color effect woven into the fabric giving it a rainbow like appearance.

Wired & French Wired Ribbons

Both Wired & French Wired Ribbon edges are wired to help the ribbon maintain its shape. Wired Edge Ribbons are finished with a metallic or matching thread edge whereas, French Wired Ribbons have a finer wired edge finish that is generally woven into the ribbon.

Poly Ribbons

Our Poly Ribbons are made from either Polyethylene or Polypropylene and are ideal for Indoor/Outdoor Use.

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